Vetting a PR Agency in Melbourne: 5 Tips for Domestic Clients

Vetting a PR Agency in Melbourne: 5 Tips for Domestic Clients

The vetting process for a PR agency Melbourne services requires a number of steps to be taken to ensure that the client is working with the best candidate for the task.

No two scenarios are ever identical as some constituents will prefer working with solo professionals while other entities will need to bring aboard numerous team members and representatives.

To ensure transparency and accuracy during the selection phase, it is important to take note of some valuable criteria that will allow brands to connect to public relations specialists that are up to the challenge.

Here are 5 tips for vetting a PR agency in Melbourne.


Tip 1: Run an Online Check

The first step that any potential clients should take with vetting a PR agency in Melbourne is to run their own online check. In 2020 this is a proven and tested formula that will help to give an unfiltered view of the market. Past clients will be empowered to leave ratings, reviews and comments that will shed light on the credentials and viability of the brand. Despite all of the marketing rhetoric and deliberate messaging campaigns the PR entities espouse, it is these pieces of data that should be recognised and taken on board before making contact with them directly.


Tip 2: Speak With Melbourne Community Members

There is no substitute for speaking with real people in real time about their experiences with a PR agency in Melbourne. Especially for businesses and brand representatives who could be apprehensive about publicising their opinion on public forums like social media and search engines, talking with individuals about who performs well, who is well priced and how easy the agency is to deal with will help to clarify the best performers in the industry. This is tangible in-house data that can be used to whittle a list of candidates down to the essentials.


Tip 3: Consult With The Agency Directly

It would be unfair to cast aspersions on a PR agency in Melbourne without engaging them face-to-face. This is where they get the opportunity to pitch for a client’s business, outlining past case work, ongoing representation, what methods and strategies they utilise and how their style can fit for the job requirements. Should they not be forthcoming with key details or overlook other key performance indicators that would otherwise be beneficial, that could be indicative of a brand that is not quite up to the task. Yet there are also intangibles at play, including personality matches and developing a gut instinct on their work ethic and culture.


Tip 4: Examine Their Portfolio of Work

There is little point in hiring a PR agency in Melbourne if their past work is not commensurate or comparable with the profile of the prospective client. Irrespective of the industry, spanning hospitality to sports, retail to agriculture,  electronics to real estate, the agency has to demonstrate a capacity to achieve results for that specific niche. The target market is different, the messaging is unique and clients want to know that they are not hiring a firm who adopts a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality to their PR projects.


Tip 5: Keep Options Open

To get a wider perspective and more informed idea about what to expect from a PR agency in Melbourne, it is a worthwhile exercise to keep your options open as a client. Rather than feeling pressured to hire the first agency that presents itself, canvasing competing brands and finding their points of difference will help to make the picture that little bit clearer for prospective participants. Before long the top candidate will make itself present, even if that is by a process of elimination as other candidates spike their prices or drop their expectations during discussions.